Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Earth Day was this past Saturday April 22. Did you know that Earth Day has been observed for the last 53 years? I hope you found a way to celebrate this beautiful planet we inhabit. I went to the park and helped clean up weeds and twigs and any trash that tends to blow around a lot here in New York City. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people.


Countdown America

To celebrate Earth Day, my eBook, Countdown America, will be on sale for $1.99. It will start April 25th and run through April 28th.

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If bones could talk…

Constable Jenny Williams came to the opal mining town of Coober Pedy to solve a family mystery, but two dead women in her first month have her colleagues labelling her a murder magnet.

A young woman is found dead at the side of a remote outback road, presumably victim of a hit and run. But she’s miles from anywhere, barefoot and covered in blood that has nothing to do with an accident.

As Jenny hunts down her prime suspect, new forensic evidence turns her theories upside down. Has she made a huge mistake and led a vigilante right to an innocent person’s door?

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Bruno Johnson, a tough street cop, member of the elite violent crime taskforce, feared by the bad guys, admired by the good, finds his life derailed when a personal tragedy forces him to break the law. Now he’s an ex-con and his life on parole is not going well. He is hassled by the police at every opportunity and to make matters even more difficult, his former partner, Robby Wicks, now a high-ranking detective, bullies him into helping solve a high-profile crime – unofficially, of course.

Meantime, Bruno’s girlfriend, Marie, brings out the good, the real Bruno, and even though they veer totally outside the law, he and Marie dedicate themselves to saving abused children, creating a type of underground railroad for neglected kids at risk — disposable kids. What they must do is perilous as they step far outside the law, battling a warped justice system and Bruno’s former partner, with his own evil agenda.

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📚🌹 Sant Jordi Day was 23 April; don’t forget to order your book gifts … or pick some out for free from this book fair:

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I read a great piece at Spyscape, one of my favorite sites for all things spy-related. It was related to libraries and how they are an ”unassuming place” for spies. It was in celebration of National Librarian Day that was April 16th. They say, “Libraries may seem quiet, unassuming places, but peel back the cover and you will find a covert world of magical manuscripts, espionage secrets, and overdue adventures. With National Librarian Day approaching on April 16, SPYSCAPE celebrates the book-slingers and spies lurking in the shadows”.

It led me to a great list of books read by actual spies. You can find it here. Some classics and some I never heard of and I am looking forward to reading. I hope you find something you will like on this list.

Here are some bookish holidays coming up in May:

May 1st: Mother Goose Day.

May 2: International Harry Potter Day (Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts)

May 2-8: Children’s Book Week

May 22: Sherlock Holmes Day

And here is the link to more great holidays in May.

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