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Do you know how fascinated I am with spies? I have been ever since I was a young girl. So much so, that I made some of the antagonists in my book, Countdown America, spies. And not just spies, double agents right out of Russia. I thought it would be fun to share some tidbits about the Russian spy world and some movie favorites that real spies watch. These are great movies. I have not heard of some of these movies, but am looking forward to watching them!

KGB Secrets

SPYSCAPE has covertly acquired dozens of very rare Cold War spy gadgets from the KGB Museum—including a gold-plated Soviet-era spy ring concealing a miniature camera. Join us as we lift the Iron Curtain on some ingenious inventions conjured up by Moscow’s equivalent to ‘Q’.

KGB Spy Trolls


Here is a link to other cool facts and here is the movie list to Real spies and their favorite espionage movies.



A race against the clock. A plot to destroy the USA. Can a tough widow save the free world from doom and destruction?

Can one American family and their loyal friends take on Big Pharma? When evil destruction comes after one of their own, the Foster family joins forces.

Haley & Jack Foster want the traditional American life – good jobs that contribute to others; a family of their own; and a nice, safe place to live. Fateful events continue to happen, robbing them of their dream.
Jack’s career demands are intense in his position as Chief Research Scientist at Chadwell Pharmaceuticals. Since he won’t join the old boys’ club, his research team is targeted, along with him.

Events take a turn for the worse as the hammer of Big Pharma comes down, turning the lives of many into heart wrenching nightmares. Will Jack and Haley find the unfettered life they both deserve? Will the Foster family prevail, overcoming a maze of spying, surveillance, and conspiracy?

Espionage, suspense and intrigue heat up in this first full novel of the Big Pharma Series.
Romance Heat Level: Slightly Steamy

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One last mission. A simple dead drop pickup.

What could go wrong? Everything.

When her friend, Inga Sykora, needed help, Marta Krupa could not refuse. Sykora guards Krupa’s darkest secret, the identity of Katarzyna’s, her daughter, real father, Malcolm Cross, the CIA station chief in Warsaw.

A secret Sykora and Krupa think is safe.

Only Cross knows, and he intends to lay a trap for Krupa. His goal, take young Katarzyna away from the only family she knows.

But Marta Krupa will risk everything to protect her family in this explosive prequel to Project Aurora.

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A race against the clock. A plot to destroy the USA. Can a tough widow save the free world from doom and destruction?

CIA Chief Supervisor Isabella Bendel can’t shake her grief. After the tragic loss of her husband, she’s relieved when a promotion gifts her more time with her young twins. But when she’s brutally ambushed on a jog and escapes to find her children and mother gone, her maternal rage ignites into a fury.

Uncovering a techno terrorist threat to America, Isabella suspects her family’s frightening disappearance is no accident. The highly skilled woman bursts into a frenzy of justice-serving action.

Can this fierce operative rescue her loved ones and stop the threat against America?

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Wishing you a great holiday season and Happy New Year. And if you are shopping for a reader friend or loved one, maybe even yourself, my book Countdown America will be on sale from December 21st through December 31st. The paperback will be $8.99 and the ebook will be $1.99.

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