Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Welcome 2023!! I thought what better way to ramp up the new year than to have a raffle. So that is what I am doing.

The prizes will be:

1 $50 Amazon Gift Card

1 $25 Amazon Gift Card

1 $15 amazon Gift Cards

Enter to Win!

For any story tellers out there, Jan 30 – Feb 6: is National Storytelling Week. For any of you out there that may want to try your hand at storytelling, what better time than now. May seem daunting huh? It doesn’t have to be a full-length novel. Just one page can be a story or the makings of one. Go ahead and do it.

February is National Library Lovers Month. I love the library. I remember visiting Providence, Rhode Island one September several years ago, and had the opportunity to visit its first free lending public library. What an experience that was. I was in complete awe by it. All the books, the period chairs and lamps. I sat there for a bit and soaked up all the history in the books it houses. If you love libraries and ever have the opportunity definitely check it out.

I thought I would include some links for February library, and other bookish related holidays, so you can get a head start on them.

Feb 1: Robinson Crusoe Day | World Read Aloud Day

Feb 4: Take Your Child to the Library Day

Feb 5-11: Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week (First week of February)

Feb 9: Read in the Bathtub Day

Feb 14: International Book-Giving Day | Library Lovers Day | Read to Your Child Day

Feb 26: Tell a Fairy Tale Day




When Paul Bennett joined the US Air Force as its Chief Counsel in Germany, he believed he had found the solution to a family crisis. The military moved the Bennetts into a German villa, paid his son’s medical bills, and assigned Paul to trials in scenic locations across Europe.

Then, as Congress is investigating the failed rescue operation of a missing fighter pilot, the severed limbs of a Turkish bride wash up in a German vineyard. The Brass is determined to put the husband, Kale, behind bars and expects Paul, who has since been assigned as Kale’s defense lawyer, to help put him there. But Paul refuses to be bullied by his superiors. To him, it’s a matter of professional ethics. To the military establishment, it’s political dynamite. And their reaction is as swift as it is devastating.

Now, Paul must rescue his client and himself from the clutches of military injustice. But first, he’ll need to uncover the connection between his client’s case and the disappearance of a Gulf War fighter pilot.

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Good Luck on the raffle.

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