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Summer is in full swing, and the days are perfect for all bookish things. July 4th is hovering on the horizon and I for one, always love this time of year. Celebrating this great country of ours by having barbecues and get together with family and friends is always one of the highlights of my year.

Something new I wanted to add to my newsletter is a meet the characters feature. Taking a deeper look at some of the amazing characters in my novel Countdown America. A little behind the scenes information for the book is that I found my inspiration from of all places the news media, more and more each day, we hear about hackers stealing information or holding company servers hostage until a ransom is paid, not to mention cases of cyber bullies and stalkers. It has become a virulent, widespread threat.

I wanted to take this important issue and bring it to life, by taking a realistic situation but setting in the thriller and mystery genre. But I also wanted to place it against the backdrop of a strong female lead. So, without further ado, scroll down and let me introduce you to the lead character in Countdown America, the incomparable Isabella Bendel.

Meet Isabella Bendal

She is a fierce Chief Supervisor of the CIA Cyber Division. And she is a bad-ass. When faced with attempts on her life, she is ready to fight, however she needs to. Like the hotel scene in my book Countdown America. No spoilers, but she really kicks ass.
She is also a single mom, who adores her children and her mom. When they are kidnapped, she goes into high speed to try to find out who took her children, all while trying to solve the threat against America.


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